Dividend payment / Omitted dividend payment

Subject                                  : Cash dividend payment
Date of Board resolution (New)           : 24-Apr-2020
Type of dividend payment                 : Cash dividend payment
Record date for the right to receive     : 18-Mar-2020
Ex-dividend date                         : 17-Mar-2020
Payment for                              : Common shareholders
Cash dividend payment (baht per share)   : 0.13
Derived from profit under non-BOI        : 0.0705
privilege (baht per share)
Derived from profit under BOI privilege  : 0.0595
(baht per share)
Par value (baht)                         : 0.25
Payment date                             : 12-May-2020
Paid from                                : Retained Earnings
Remark (Update)                          :
According to the outbreak of 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), BJC Heavy 
Industries Public Company Limited ("the Company") has announced to postpone the
2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders ("2020 AGM") which was previously
scheduled on April 24, 2020. To mitigate any impacts that may arise to
shareholders, the Board of Directors Meeting No. 2/2020 held on April 24, 2020
has approved the resolution as follows;

1.    Approved an interim dividend payment from Retained Earnings at the same rate 
as previously proposed of THB 0.13 per share, totals to not exceeding Baht 208
million, details as following;

1.1      For the interim dividend of Baht 0.0595 per share, which will be payable 
from the BOI profit; thus, the dividends are exempted from withholding tax.
Individual shareholders cannot claim any tax credits.

1.2    For the interim dividend of Baht 0.0705 per share, which will be payable 
from the profit of the Company that is subject to the corporate income tax at
the rate of 20% of the net profit. Individual shareholders are entitled to claim
 the tax credits at the rate of 20/80 times of the dividend received.

The record date for the right of shareholders to receive the interim dividend 
scheduled on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 (Record Date) and payment shall be made
within Tuesday, May 12, 2020 same date as the shareholders had been previously
notified (according to the resolution of the Board of Directors' meeting
No.1/2020 held on February 26, 2020).

In this regard, the Board of Directors will not propose any dividend payment for
2019 operations and will inform the payment of an interim dividend at the 2020

2.     Approved the Auditors from A.M.T. & Associates who have been approved by the
Board of Directors' Meeting No.1/2020 on February 26, 2020 to be the Auditors
of the Company for reviewing financial statements for the first quarter of year
2020 in order to disclose information and submit financial statements to the
Stock Exchange of Thailand.  The Company will propose an appointment of the
mentioned Auditors in the next 2020 AGM, as per the following names;

-    Mr. Chaiyuth Angsuwithaya,     Certified Public Accountant No. 3885 or
-    Mrs. Natsarak Sarochanunjeed,     Certified Public Accountant No. 4563 or
-    Ms. Daranee Somkamnerd,     Certified Public Accountant No. 5007 or
-    Ms. Jarunee Nuammae,         Certified Public Accountant No. 5596

Please be informed accordingly.

By Stock Exchange of Thailand     Date 24 Apr 2020 18:07:00