BJC Heavy Industries Public Company Limited (“the company”) aims to be the leading and successful company in creating long-term value and benefits for shareholders and stakeholders. To achieve these objectives, the company then would like strongly to operate its business based primarily on good corporate governance policy on a transparent, accountable and ethical basis which are used as the framework reflecting the company’s value. The main objective is to encourage all employees to develop themselves and bring the mentioned guideline into practices by sticking to moral principles, honesty and conforming to laws, traditions and cultures as well as related rules and regulations of a country in which the company has operated its business.

The company itself is strongly confident that good management process with transparency and international standard will enhance the company’s competitive landscape which in turn makes the company to be more accredited locally and internationally. This is one of the most important factors to reach the business goals, increase the company’s value and create long-term sustainable growth. This will also help to build confidence of shareholders, investors and stakeholders which all are expected to receive equitable treatment and then build up the company’s image.

In order to continue and develop good corporate governance policy in according with good corporate governance framework defined by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, international practices, related laws as well as traditions, the company has improved good corporate governance policy in order for Directors, executives and all employees to take it into practices.

Business Objectives

BJC Heavy Industries Public Company Limited adopts business objectives to achieve the upmost business success and long-term sustainable growth;

  • Operating business by respecting to rights with responsibilities to shareholders and stakeholders.
  • Operating business in the responsibility to societies and the environment.
  • Operating business under corporate resilience.
  • Operating business on a moral and ethical basis.
  • Achieving good operating results by taking short-term and long-tern effect into consideration.

Corporate Governance Policy

The Board of Director has the policy to promote BJC Heavy Industries Public Company Limited to be the leading and successful company under its operation efficiency in doing business on a sustainable basis by creating benefits for shareholders with taking into account the rights of all the relevant stakeholders. The company intends to operate its business on a moral, ethical transparent and accountable basis. Then, corporate governance policy has been established in order for Directors, executives and all employees to fully recognize its importance and take it into practices.

Corporate Governance Framework

Based on the company’s business operation, the Board of Directors of BJC Heavy Industries Public Company Limited has firmly complied with the law, objectives, regulations, resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting and the Principles of Good Corporate Governance of Listed Companies prescribed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand which all are implemented as the guideline to enhance the company’s business operation. This has also created transparency for investors and build up confidence to external parties. Corporate governance framework has been defined as follows;

Corporate Governance Policy

  • Overview
  • Anti-Cottuption
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities
  • Connected Transactions
  • Internal Control & Risk Management
  • Report of Audit Commitee


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