Schedule of Shareholders' meeting
Subject                                  : Schedule of Annual General Meeting of
Date of Board resolution                 : 24-Apr-2020
Shareholder's meeting date               : 16-Jul-2020
Beginning time of meeting (h:mm)         : 13 : 30
Record date for the right to attend the  : 22-Jun-2020
Ex-meeting date                          : 19-Jun-2020
Significant agenda item                  :
  - Omitted dividend payment
  - Changing the director(s)
Venue of the meeting                     : Meeting Room No. 101 of BJC Heavy 
Industries Public Company Limited. No. 594, Moo 4, Makamkoo, Nikompattana,
Remark                                   :
The Company is deeply concerned for the health and safety of shareholders and 
all stakeholders, who will be participating in the meeting.  In order to prevent
and reduce the risk of the spread of Coronavirus 2019, the Company kindly
requests Shareholders' cooperation to giving a proxy to Independent Director of
the Company to attend the meeting on behalf of Shareholders.  For the safety and
hygiene, the Company need to arrange the meeting venue with appropriate social
distancing, which will limit the number of available seats in the meeting room.
The Company strongly requests for your cooperation to strictly follow the
precautionary and guidelines for holding the Annual General Meeting of
Shareholders under the circumstance of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak.
The health screening process will be taken place and there may be a delay in the
screening and registration for the meeting, the Company hereby apologizes for
any such inconvenience that may occur.

Change of director/Executive

To consider and approve the increasing number of directors and the appointment 
of a new director from 9 directors to 10 directors and propose to approve the
appointment of Mr. Myungsup Song to be a new director.

Dividend payment / Omitted dividend payment

Subject                                  : Omitted dividend payment
Date of Board resolution                 : 15-May-2020
Omitted dividend payment from            :
    Operating period from 01-Jan-2019 to 31-Dec-2019
Remark                                   :
To consider and approve the suspension of dividend payment and acknowledge the 
2019 interim dividend payments at the rate of Baht 0.13 per share on May 12,
2020, equivalent to 440.58% of the net profit according to the separate
financial statements, which is in accordance with the dividend payment policy.

By Stock Exchange of Thailand     Date 05 Jun 2020 22:09:00