Quality Assessment of AGM 2019

In AGM 2019, the Company received the full assessment score at 99 of 100, considered as the excellent level under quality assessment by Thai Investors Association (TIA) for the arrangement of its 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders. This is another success to prove that the Company has continued to give importance to and focus on continuous development of corporate governance.

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BJCHI successfully delivered Ophir project

On 7th July 2019, BJCHI has successfully delivered Phase 4B BLWPC and Decks Fabrication and Transportation project to Ophir Thailand (Bualuang) Limited (Ophir), one of the leading oil and gas exploration companies operating its business throughout Africa and Asia.

This is another testament for the Company in executing oil and gas projects for well-known clients to which the Company is always committed to providing quality service and high standards of project management.

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