Prezados acionistas

In 2020, it was the challenging year for the global economy after pandemic outbreak (COVID-19) leading to the negative impact on the world economic activities and businesses.

Many business organizations have struggled to maintain theirs by reducing operating costs, curbing investment budget and more importantly keeping sufficient cashflow.

At the same time, the slowdown of economies has also the profound effect on the global oil consumption and oil price, particularly in 1H2020.

However, more countries have eased the lockdown policy.The global economic conditions have gradually improved since 2H2020.

In late 2020, many pharmaceutical firms successfully developed vaccines for COVID-19 which in turn helped enhance investors and businesses confidence for the world economic recovery in 2021.

Even COVID-19, the Company has also secured new projects in 2020, namely KOODAIDERI project in mining industry and additional work from SANTOS project in Gas industry. Moreover, the Company also successfully delivered large-scale projects such as UPGN and LINDE project-with high quality and on-time to the client which expressed our capabilities and commitment to the client as one of the Company’s business principles.

Moreover, BJCHI has continued receiving tender bids from clients mainly in oversea market in several industries such as refinery, petrochemical, gas and mining. This is indicating that there would be project opportunities for BJCHI even the current situation. This is one of our strategic focuses on large scale projects in oversea markets that momentum will continue through this year.

One good news that I would like to inform our shareholders is the Company received the SET Awards 2020 in the Business Excellence category of The Investor Relations Awards presented by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Journal of Money and Banking for listed companies in the capital market that are excellent and outstanding with the potential and ability to operate their business.

This presented that the company had demonstrated the importance of participation of the entire organization in conducting activities, deliver opinion, disclose information and transparency to shareholders and those who have to contact investor relations on a regular basis as of our corporate governance practice.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Executive teams at BJCHI, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all stakeholders including shareholders, clients, partners, financial institutions and all concerned parties such as the public and private sectors, and all BJCHI’s employees for excellent support to our businesses over the years. We reiterate that BJCHI shall remain committed and determined to do our best in operating business under corporate governance to achieve long-term sustainable growth under balancing the interests of all the stakeholders.

(Sr. Young Jun Lee)