Dividend Policy & Payment

The Company dividend policy is pay the shareholders not less than 50% of the net profit based on the financial statements after corporate income taxes and after the appropriation of the relevant reserves as required by the applicable laws and as prescribed in the Company’s Articles of Association. At the same time, dividend payout may change depending on business and other reasonable factors as deemed by the Board required to maximize shareholder value and to achieve long-term sustainable growth for the Company.

The resolution of the board approving the annual dividend payment shall be proposed to the meeting of shareholders for further approval. As for interim dividend payments, Board possesses the power to approve, and the Board shall report the decision to the shareholders at the next shareholders’ meeting.

BoD Approved Date XD Date Dividend Payment Date Type of Dividend Dividend per Share (Baht/Share) Dividend Yield Performance Period
25/02/19 15/03/19 14/05/19 Cash Dividend 0.10 5.2% 2018
21/02/18 2017
27/02/17 13/03/17 11/05/17 Cash Dividend 0.125 2.5% 2016
14/11/16 28/11/16 14/12/16 Cash Dividend 0.125 2.1% 2016
24/02/16 29/04/16 19/05/16 Cash Dividend 0.50 7.0% 2015
25/02/15 11/05/15 26/05/15 Stock Dividend 4:1 0.8% 2014
25/02/15 11/05/15 26/05/15 Cash Dividend 0.25 3.4% 2014